Conditioning is the key to success in athletic performance, professional excellence, and business success. The best and most successful achievers in business are the ones that have CONDITIONED themselves to be successful; it didn’t just fall into their lap…

Here’s how all successful people do it:

Since the human brain can only accept so much data at one time, it’s important to FOCUS on the key data points and aspects of success that will make the difference for you and your business. The first thing that must happen is a diagnosis of your condition as a leader; the good, the bad, and the ugly… It’s critical that you avoid denying the things that you may not want to discover. No one ever said that success in business was an easy road….

Once you “know thyself” and your business condition, you must develop a deliberate plan (MAP) to get you from where you are now to where you want to go. This diligence MUST be done with discipline and a results focus. You must discover what tools and support resources you’ll need to carry to carry you across the great divide, and land you securely on your objective.

Then it’s all about ACTION. Consistent, organized, disciplined action. To be clear, it’s not about RE-action; it’s all about PRO-action… proactive, productive, strategic action. The ideal is that you serve your business best as its strategic leader, and delegate (leverage out) the activities that you simply should not be doing. It’s important to calculate and understand the true value of your time as a business owner and leader. How much money are you wasting by spending your time on tasks that would best be handled by someone who’s better at it, and demands less of a wage that you? Once you really realize your value, your perspective of being the chief cook and bottle washer will change…

THE KEY to success is to focus on working ON the business – guiding it strategically – versus IN the business, which is all about the day-to-day tactics. The right amount of planning, combined with repetitious, habitual strategic action results in massive change. It’s been proven that focusing strategically on your business for 90 minutes per week is the perfect amount of time to effectively condition yourself toward optimal time management and business success.

Once a week for 90 days is the perfect timing for repetition and the ability to incorporate massive change. Once you get aligned with your purpose, your power, and your plan, then disciplined, accountability-based conditioning for only 90 minutes per week is the key toward truly optimizing your business.