We are all one, big, global “culture,” with unique intricacies interwoven and interspersed. A profound realization that I experienced is that when it all comes down to it, we are all in it for the same things, where it be in China, America, Australia, or across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East: We all want to live happy, fulfilling lives.

So how is this accomplished in various cultures?


  • Societal – Whether it be Australia, China, America, Europe, or any other culture around the planet, each has a rich history associated; make it a point to study them, and travel abroad, which is the best way to truly experience them.
  • Political – Government structures are unique and intricate. In China, for instance, the communist government structure provides support and stability to the 1.3 billion people who live there, yet the business culture is one of advanced capitalism.
  • Economic – Each global culture has gross domestic product, and generates value for their countries and the global community through commerce and economic development.
  • Corporate – Business structures have intricate and unique cultures, based on values, visions, and missions, all made up of the people and characters who lead them and work within their ranks.
  • Departmental – Individual corporate departments (silos) comprise the corporate culture, characterized by leadership, work ethic, and commitment to value provision.
  • Team – The cultures of the individuals and teams that make up departmental and corporate cultures brings us to the level of personal choice, based on how we perceive our competencies, and how we contribute as resources to our corporate structures.
  • Family – The cultures of families across our planet are diverse, whether it be fostered over thousands of years across China (which now only allows for one child per family unit), or in Salt Lake City, where many families have dozens of offspring, the thread and fabric of our societal cultures begins in the home, with the responsibilities of parents to effectively raise the future leaders of our planet.

Each of these layers possess a culture that’s unique, with sub-cultures and undertones, embellishing them with characteristics that further define each’s key components of contribution to a higher culture. Awareness of these hierarchies, and how they all blend together to generate a global culture of progressive, positive, collaborative commerce and societal development, is imperative, on an individual and global level.

What’s your perspective of the cultures in which you exist and contribute, and how can you enlighten us as to how they contribute to our global community?