Lessons learned today on focus and leadership:

It’s imperative that we lighten our burden, so that we can effectively manage our load in the midst of dynamics which require our focus.

Whether that focus be during demanding times, which require our endurance and attention, or during “normal” times, requiring our inherent leadership capabilities, it is imperative that we are able to step up and perform as effectively for our constituents / families / communities require.

Think about a time in which you were required to dig deep, and delve into the resources that you didn’t think you had, in order to perform effectively. Remember the challenge; the frustration. These are the times that demand our best efforts, and our impeccable capabilities to lead, set the example, and perform most effectively.

Therefore, be grateful for those times of endurance and challenge, because those are the moments that define you as a leader, and allow your capabilities to expand.

And let go of the baggage and excessive “weight” (emotionally, intellectually, spiritually) which slows you down toward being your best, most effective, most nimble and responsive leader that you are. We often take on too much; more than we should, because that’s what we do as strong, capable leaders.

Well done! Keep up the great work, and continue to do it well.