As you build your business, and live your ideal life, one of the things that’s often in front of you is the fact that you can’t do everything all at once. Therefore, the paradigm of compromise looms large, especially when it comes to starting a business, and doing the hard (smart) work that’s necessary to get it where it needs to be.

There are always things that can be compromised. Things like free time, spending time with family, getting your way versus allowing your partner to get their way, etc. In business, there are many things to compromise. Things like choosing to take time off, versus deliberately working to build your business; engaging with clients, versus watching TV; enjoying your favorite cocktail at a local watering hole, versus sitting at your desk and writing your next blog post. So many things to do and balance…

The ideal of no compromise is actually a misnomer. Compromise is ubiquitous, and continuous. It is our prerogative to minimize what we compromise, and live a full, balanced life; appropriate compromise is something that must be focused upon, choosing your actions with holistic awareness.

The best, most influential leaders are the ones that have come to terms with compromise. They are the ones that don’t compromise on the most important aspects of life. It’s vitally important to not compromise your values or your integrity. Too many people these days are deluding themselves into thinking that what they’re doing is actually aligned with their purpose, when they really don’t understand their purpose. As a true leader in life and business, it’s critically important to understand your purpose, and not compromise on fulfilling the reason why you are alive.

I have found that many people are intent on forcing others to compromise those values, enticing people to take the easy road, cut corners, and be more oriented toward taking rather than effectively serving. Be aware of those that are telling you it’s OK to compromise on things that are uncompromisable. Like allowing people to con you into believing that their solutions/services are actually real, when they’re not. Stay away from those types; maintain awareness of what people say they CAN do, comparing that to what they really CAN’T do, and focus on the REAL value they can provide, versus the value they SAY the can. If you fall prey to working with or aligning with these types, all that’s going to give you is a bad reputation, forcing you to compromise the uncompromisable: your integrity.

The key imperative/prerogative as you lead a successful life and business, is to minimize what you must compromise. It’s important to balance as best you can the tasks, roles, and responsibilities of being a great entrepreneur, husband, mother, father, wife, or whatever role in which you’re committing to excelling.