Reflect for a moment… Focus on the metaphors which these two words bring to mind…

First, the gladiator. Many of us see Russell Crowe, and his recent depiction of the gladiator warrior on the big screen. Strong, resilient, capable, idealistic, balanced. The gladiator of today’s society is one who stands tall amidst the storm, and does what it takes to achieve his / her ideals with commitment, discipline, diligence, and belief.

My life as a gladiator is more literal than metaphorical. As a Marine Corp officer, I’ve been trained to lead with courage, honor, strength, and skill, and I carry that ethic into every day of my life. Every day, I’m capably fighting a battle against the forces of mediority, low standards, and the “gravity” that’s trying to keep me down.

Now consider YOUR battle; what adversary are you battling? How are you showing up as a gladiator?

Next, let’s look at the champion. We imagine a winner, crossing the line first. Proudly wearing the gold medal after driving harder than any other, doing what it takes to achieve and excel, through diligence, commitment, practice, and belief.

My experience as a champion started in a real way when my rowing team won the NCAA collegiate national championship (the “Collegiate Olympics”). This achievement flipped  a switch in my spirit, as I tasted true victory and would forever bear the brand of CHAMPION on my heart.

As we combine the words GLADIATOR CHAMPION, we visualize the best of the best. The spirit of ultimate courage, strength, and victory.

My challenge to you is to take on your life as a GLADIATOR CHAMPION, and perservere through the tought times, overcoming the adversary (anything that’s holding you back, and stopping you from winning), and inspire others to achieve their ideals, by setting the example of what CAN be done.

Now reflect on yourself; how have YOU been a champion? We’ve ALL got something in our lives that we are a champion of… It’s YOUR imperative to know YOUR victories, and meet your inner champion, TODAY.

The world is watching you. Keep up the great work, and inspire the masses!