What ever happened to achievement; the good old fashioned American work ethic? The attitude that made this wonderful country what it is today… the inspiration fostered by our forefathers, as they put their lives on the line for what they believed in…

It’s almost like the gravity of mediocrity has become so intense, that it’s acceptable to stay stuck in a mindset of “someone else will do that; I can remain complacent.” In essence, the standards of our society, originally idealistic and powerfully driven toward progress, guided by servant leadership, self-sacrifice, and nobility, has become one of competitively striving to advance oneself, stepping upon others with no regard for their well-being. Basically, we’ve lost community for the sake of material gain.

And most people think this is OK! Just look around; people have seemed to have accepted their lot in society. Merely putting in a day’s work, taking home enough money to scrape by, and escaping in the evening through television, has become the chosen way of life for so many.

It seems that the capitalistic foundation of our economy has caustically eroded the moral fiber and integrity of our society. It tough economic times, the undertow of poverty (and the general populace’s fear of succumbing to it) in an economy based on decadence, over-indulgence, and more, more, more, has intensified the burden (i.e. the “weight”) which the true, honest, integrity-based leaders have to bear, by setting the example of service versus being served first. The “gravity” of the situation is becoming overwhelming, as we’re being driven into a downward spiral of more taking and less giving, and it’s time that we did something about it.

But what can be done in a society that’s evolved into one which honors the decadently rich, and discounts the leaders who are working to empower others and help re-gain our ideals of truth, honor, courage, fidelity, and real community?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Check yourself: is what you’re doing taking from or contributing to your community.
  2. Discover your true strengths, and learn how to properly apply them to make a positive difference in society. Ask the questions, in the spirit of seeking an authentic answer for yourself:

Why am I here? What’s my purpose?

Where do my passions lie?

What are my priorities?

How can I best serve?

  1. Set the example of assertive, confident capability, and inspire others to do the same. It’s this attitude that inspires true leaders to enthusiastically embrace every new day, and end each day with a feeling of contribution and fulfillment.

Remember: it’s always your choice to rise above the complacent masses, and strive to make a difference. It may not always be easy, but it is always worth it.

What’s YOUR perspective on the condition of our society, and what do you think we (YOU) can do about it?

What are YOUR strengths?