Here’s another short from my book “GPS To Success:”

So many people exist in their own personal status quo. They become engulfed and washed away in the flow, maintain their obliviousness, lose sight of how it could be better, and end up not wanting to make it better. They succumb to their “comfort,” which fosters cowardice in actually implementing positive change.

The key to countering the status quo is first to want to stretch and implement positive change (versus succumbing to the negative change, which will creep into our lives if we allow it). Each of us has the capability and the power to implement change based on what we want to change.

We get to realize that we are put on this earth for a reason. Our lives can become a quest for that reason and a journey of implementing our powerful capabilities. Again, that realization is always a choice. People can choose to realize that they are here on this planet for a reason. All personal power and success stems from this.

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Make it a great day!