As human beings, we instinctively WANT life to be easy and comfy, based on the pleasure pain principal, which is a Freudian psychological tenant about how we instinctive seek pleasure and avoid pain in order to satisfy biological and psychological needs. Thing is, life was not meant to be easy…

The importance of Initiation ceremonies as markers of rite of passage in life and as recognition of the skills, responsibility and age of the individual within the community, has always been important and understood. It is part of our healthy psychological development, of the archetypal journey into maturity, which we individually and collectively all must undertake.

Unconsciously, we understand the value of trial and initiation. In my life, I hold several initiations dear to my personal development and self actualization. Whether it be initiation into a JROTC military organization in boarding school at the age of 16, collegiate fraternity imitation, athletic team initiation through disciplined, committed practice, initiation into the United States Marine Corps, or the initiation and deepening of myself in personal improvement seminars, fire walks, board breaks, and all the activities which forced me to confront my zones of comfort, and excel past them.

One of the problems in our society is that too many people are trying to be like other people, instead of powerfully, confidently, and authentically being themselves. In essence, they’re seeing the “path of least resistance” by copying others and cutting the corners of the trials that are required to hone the skills and character required to strengthen and advance their capabilities required to become their true, empowered selves.

Life becomes amazingly juicy when you understand, own, and courageously fulfill your true purpose, which is often fraught with challenges that test and instill the true capabilities required to be truly effective at what you do. So leverage & condition that unconscious awareness and discipline through conscious awareness and self-discipline. Embrace the tests and trials, for they are what distill, affirm, and confirm your true capabilities.

Challenge galvanizes character.