Have We Lost Our Way?

Businesses must evolve, create, be mindful of change and be honed to the expectations and needs of their market; and to recognize and value the input and insights of the people around you, your employees, your customers, your suppliers. It is honoring the creative process, honoring the individual, and harnessing innovation to motivate and achieve sustainable productivity in a way that supports and builds trust rather than destroying it for short term gain.

Keeping consistent with one of the themes repeated throughout the book, business and economics always flow in cycles, just as the cycles of the seasons of the year; similarly, the discussion of the key points in this book follow a pattern, which ebbs and flows from extreme aspects of a subject, integrating the topic into a comprehensive theme. This method allows the reader a perspective of thought, which broadens and sharpens the intellect, as long as the reader is present with, and applies the content to its context.

GPS For Success

Navigating your way along the path to success can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was some device that could steer you from where you are to where you want to go? Much like a Global Positioning System (GPS), the Goals and Proven Strategies you will find in this book, GPS for Success, can do just that! All you have to do is read it and apply the sound advice these hand-picked, extremely knowledgeable business leaders provide.

With contributions from prolific authors and teacher, including Stephen R. Cover, Dr. John Gray, Les Brown, and Chris Steely, GPS for Success is designed to equip you with the keys and tools to most effectively help you navigate to optimal growth, profit, and success. GPS for Success provides answers to questions you might not have even thought to ask. Take advantage of the valuable information these authors have to offer. You’ll be glad you did!

The Steely System

Passionately committed to sharing years of speaking and coaching experience, Chris has forged his message into a series of simple (but not always easy) steps a person follows called; The Steely System. Using The Steely System a person becomes acquainted, (or perhaps reacquainted) with the obvious truth that for success to be lasting in our business life we must be centered and committed to our spiritual path.